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Special Cargo

Project Cargo

For large projects that require the coordinated movement of oversized, overweight and high-value cargo, Project Cargo team has what it takes to get the job done – on time, on budget, anywhere in the world.

Your assurance that you’ll be getting the most professional guidance, the most comprehensive regulatory knowledge and the most reliable logistics services available today at the same time, you’ll get highly personalized service relentlessly focused on your project’s transportation requirements.

Our Project Cargo team deftly manages shipments of any size to/from any continent. In collaboration with our customers, we ensure the success of each shipment.


Worldwide Perishable Service

Perishable exports are one of Thailand’s principle commodities. The vast range of fruit and vegetables that the country produces is sent far and wide across the world with Fastable Logistics.

Exporters in the country and membership of the Thai fruit and vegetable association of Thailand, determines we have the expertise to ensure that your export or import of perishables is a smooth process. Understanding the difficult formalities and time restrictions that are involved in shipping perishables, we provide the assurance you need when forwarding such a sensitive product.

Dangerous Goods

Fastable Logistics offering dangerous goods service to our customer. We proud to present it’s own dedicated dangerous goods department. Our trained and certified staff, work in partnership with our customers for the sometimes difficult process of customs brokerage and handling of such goods. The varying classes of dangerous goods can often seem daunting our team will be answer any enquiries you may have for export or import of such items.

  • Sea & Air export and import of dangerous goods.
  • Sea and Air dangerous goods customs brokerage.
  • Packaging and labeling"
  • DGR (Dangerous Goods): “Safety First!!!” Technical know-how in dangerous goods handling is our expertise. With a well-trained and experienced team, we can handle your DGR shipments smoothly and safely in accordance to IATA regulations.


Fastable Logistics is able to offer customers of services to facilitate the volume and intricacies of such project cargo. Exhibition packages provide customers with a priority service, ensuring that their goods are transported to their destination in a smooth and timely manner. With our worldwide sea and air freight coverage and global partners, determines that we are able to transport your exhibition goods to anywhere in the world direct from supplier door to booth.

  • Exhibition services via sea and air
  • Exhibition services for both export and import
  • Door to door delivery services
  • Consolidation and Priority services


Transit and Transshipment via Thailand

Fastable Logistics have service for transfer of shipments from one carrier or more to another in transit. Transshipments are usually made where there is no direct sea and air between the consignor’s and consignee’s countries. We can service to handle transshipments via Thailand. We handle transshipment for Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia via THAILAND for both inbound and outbound shipment.